Aging into Our Elderhood – What have you learned from your elders?

“When we resist aging, we resist life itself, since aging is inherent in living. To resist the reality of aging creates needless suffering. But, if we can see the aging process as an unfolding opportunity, as a way to gain deeper wisdom by discriminating external phenomena from internal reality, then we can open to the fullness of life and the experience of Conscious Aging.”

This quote was offered from an elder messenger at a workshop exploring ageism.  I believe it sums up what I hope to offer on this blog.

As we age, especially in America, elders become invisible at best, and oppressed and abused at worst.  One reason is because as we age we have grasped onto the fears in the messages that aging exclusively means decline, lack of independence and worthlessness. Because of these fears we have pushed away any hope that there is something more, something worthy about aging.  We have allowed ourselves to miss the many opportunities for continued learning and growth that is always available. Elderhood and the way in which we can claim it will be different for each person.  Claiming our Elderhood must happen if we are to change aging from something to be avoided and feared into a time of learning, hope, connection and strength even with the realities of the physical changes and unavoidable death.